Online payments

PayApi Ltd is an innovative technology company offering products for online payments. Our mission is to create safe, modern and versatile products.

We offer online invoicing system that makes digital invoicing easy for the clients. It allows the merchant to send invoices with different payment methods, gives option to pay in parts, sends automatically reminders if needed and creates reports for following the sales.

We enable a fast online shopping experience for our consumers, with the ability to easily share favourite products through social media channels. PayApi works with a wide range of payment methods including credit cards and 'pay in parts'.


PayApi Easy Invoicing is a smooth invoicing system for anyone who needs to do invoice processing. The process makes sending invoices easy no matter where you are. There are a wide range of options that allow you to choose which payment methods your clients can use.


PayApi Instant Buying makes the buying experience easy, fast and social. Your customers are able to buy or share any product with just a quick finger gesture. No need to go through a painful registration process!


PayApi Ltd creates online payment products to meet the needs of the fast growing online shopping market. Our aim is to create easy to use products to communicate within the social media environment.

Ready-made plugins for the most commonly used online stores

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