Must have payment system for every online store that wants to make the buying process easier and quicker for their clients.


Clients enter in their information once, and in the future, all online stores that use PayApi, recognize the client without requiring any more forms to be filled in.


We tailor-make the system for you store. You will be up in no time and your payments will be running smoothly and safely under our care.


The price of using PayApi varies depending on the size and volume of your online store. Contact us for a custom quote that suits your business.

Payapi Instant buy features

Social buying

Quick and easy product sharing to social media channels makes your clients become your marketers. Social media share requires only a small finger gesture and the merchant gets all the valuable client information.

Information about your clients

On your merchant page you can see which products have received the most shares, how often and where they have been shared from. You will learn more about your client´s behaviour.

Compatible with all devices

PayApi works from mobile all the way to desktop. Your clients don´t need to install anything for PayApi to work.


PayApi is a PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant system, and that ensures the secure flow of money transactions from your clients to you.

Read more about our security features.

Quick and easy buying process

PayApi Mobile Payments
  • The client chooses the product he wants to buy

  • He long-presses on the product and shares it in the desired Social media channels or performs an instant buy with just one simple movement of the finger. No need to add the product to the shopping cart. Just choose and pay!

  • Personal information needs to be entered only once. Later, PayApi remembers the client in all the web-stores that are using it. There is no need to log in to do the shopping.

  • PayApi offers a wide range of payment methods for stores to use

Interested? Contact us for more information about how to get PayApi running in your store.